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Entry #1

Whispering Emperor

2008-04-08 13:03:03 by MrKilljoy

Hello everybody

Yesterday i uploaded my first song here on newgrounds. And it didn't have a title because i couldn't think of one for the song. Luckily some nice people helped me with some titles and i chose one out of them.
That titel was: Whispering Emperor(listen here: Whispering Emperor

It got some good critics(thank you for that) and some nice votes.

Because every reviewer said that i should keep making music, i thought (why not) so today i made another song(haven't uploaded it yet).

I think that my next songs won't be so quickly after each other because i have a lot to do with school. I am in the last year so got to do Exams this year(already over 5 weeks).

And if you see me make any mistakes in the grammar of sentence's or writing down wrong words. This is mainly because i am Dutch so english is my second language. But luckily i have a build in dictionary in my browser(Firefox) wich helps alot.

I will upload my next song soon after i post this so you can rate and review that one as well.
It will be a different style then my first song here.
This song already has a title and as soon as it is uploaded you will see what it is(i hope it fits with the song).

so enough writing for now. lets upload the song.


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